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  • HL Home/Pilot/Lab Freeze-Dryer
  • HL Home/Pilot/Lab Freeze-Dryer
  • HL Home/Pilot/Lab Freeze-Dryer
  • HL Home/Pilot/Lab Freeze-Dryer
  • HL Home/Pilot/Lab Freeze-Dryer
  • HL Home/Pilot/Lab Freeze-Dryer
  • HL Home/Pilot/Lab Freeze-Dryer
  • HL Home/Pilot/Lab Freeze-Dryer
  • HL Home/Pilot/Lab Freeze-Dryer
  • HL Home/Pilot/Lab Freeze-Dryer
  • HL Home/Pilot/Lab Freeze-Dryer
  • HL Home/Pilot/Lab Freeze-Dryer
  • HL Home/Pilot/Lab Freeze-Dryer
  • HL Home/Pilot/Lab Freeze-Dryer
  • HL Home/Pilot/Lab Freeze-Dryer
  • HL Home/Pilot/Lab Freeze-Dryer
  • HL Home/Pilot/Lab Freeze-Dryer
  • HL Home/Pilot/Lab Freeze-Dryer

HL Home/Pilot/Lab Freeze-Dryer

HL series are small home, pilot, lab freeze dryers, cheapest price, and can be ordered online. This is for small freeze-dried pilot production, limited budget, generally used for small companies, laboratories, universities, research institute and millions of homes.
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Why freeze-dry?
Background: to store products, dehydration is required. Other dehydration methods are evaporative drying. The product would be shriveled and collapsed. Poor rehydration performance. The color is dull and far from the original color. Nutrients, biological activity, effective ingredients are seriously lost. The fragrance is disappeared. The storage time is short.  But freeze-dry solves all of the above problems!
Color, Shape, Flavor
Through freeze-drying, the color, shape and aroma of the freeze dried products are preserved without loss.
Nutrition, Effective Matter
Through freeze-drying, the nutrition, biological activity and effective ingredients of the product are preserved.
25-year Shelf Life
Through freeze-drying, the shelf life of freeze dried product is longer, up to 25 years, almost without deterioration. 
Freeze drying principle - sublimation: from ice to vapor In a low-pressure environment, the frozen material is heated to make its moisture directly change from solid ice to gaseous vapor, so as to achieve the purpose of drying the material. No oxidation reaction, no color lost, no shape changing, no aroma and flavor lost, no nutrient loss, no biological activity lost, no effective ingredients lost, longer shelf life.
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  • Investment Analysis
  • Time & Consumption
  • Power & Supply
  • Packing & Delivery
  • QC & Certification
  • Warranty & Service
  • Confidentiality
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The HL series home, pilot, lab freeze dryers are economical, small processing capacity for customers with limited budget. HL series freeze dryers are mainly used for small companies, laboratories, universities, research institute and millions of homes. 

HL series freeze dryers are mainly used for food, health products, nutrition products, biological products, pet food, herbal, coffee, milk, sea food and thousands of others. The product cooling is completed inside the machine or in user's refrigerator. And the users only need to put trays with pre-treated products into the machine, and start the automatic operation program. If a refrigerator is used, products pre-freezing and freeze-drying processes can be started at the same time, so as to save production time. 

HL series freeze dryers are composed of a main machine and external vacuum pump. In the main machine, there are freeze dryer chamber, shelf, refrigeration, heating and control system. Temperature sensor and vacuum pump sensor is equipped to measure production parameters. And 4 heavy-duty wheels are installed under the main chamber, so users can push the freeze dryer to other places.

Due to vapor condenser of HL series freeze dryers are less efficient than independent coils type of ones, moisture sublimated from frozen products cannot be condensed on the vapor condenser in time, and they would be partially suctioned into vacuum pump. Therefore, the vacuum pump oil has to be changed more often. This is an unavoidable demerit for this type of home freeze dryers, no matter which countries are they from, or which companies are they made by. The vacuum pump oil can be re-used. The usage cost would not be greatly increased due to vacuum pump oil changing. In addition, oil-free (dry) vacuum pump is recommended for a better performance.  

Home freeze dryers are small in size, and light weight. It is suitable for distribution with stocks for international markets. As the cost of the equipment is economical, the dealers do not need to spend much money to get them in stocked and meanwhile, they will have priority to be authorized to sell large scale industrial freeze-drying equipment in their countries. 

Technical parameter:
Model HL-2 HL-5 HL-10 HL-25 ***
Shelf area (m2) 0.2 m2 0.5 m2 1 m2 2.5 m2 ***
Max. capacity lbs 16 lbs 35 lbs 85 lbs ***
Nominal capacity 2 kg 5 kg 10 kg 25 kg ***
Product cooling -30 ℃ -30 ℃ -30 ℃ -30 ℃ ***
Product cooling In dryer In dryer In dryer In dryer ***
Max. ice capacity 2 L 5 L 10 L 32 L ***
Condenser temp. -35℃ -35℃ -35℃ -35℃ ***
Tray quantity 8 pcs 6 pcs 12 pcs 10 pcs ***
Tray size (mm) 138*180 245*315 245*315 *** ***
Cooling way by air by air by air by air ***
Ultimate vacuum 15 Pa 15 Pa 15 Pa 15 Pa ***
Power requirement 1.2kw 2.5kw 3.5kw 7kw ***
Power phase Single Single Single Three ***
Power voltage 220/115V 220/115V 220/115V 200-480V ***
Power frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz ***
Installation area 1 m2 2 m2 3 m2 4 m2 ***
Packing size (m) 1.2*0.8*1.2 1.3*0.9*1.4 1.5*0.9*1.5 2*1*1.6 ***
G. Weight (kg) 160 230 305 540 ***
The study of investment on freeze drying
(Take FD-2500 as an example, other models, consult us)

I, Summary
Freeze drying is a mature technology, and it was widely used in pharmaceutical industry for half a century. But it is still new in many countries, because of the limitation application in medical industry. As the increase of life quality, there is a huge potential market in food industry and evidence shows that freeze drying business in food grows rapidly, as freeze drying has incomparable advantage than other drying method. The investors, whom had built a small or middle plant in the first year, expand to big plant in the second year and those whom had built a big plant, have to build more production lines, the reason is the same-their business is very good, and money return fast. This article will help you to analyze the prospect and risk on investment in freeze drying plant. Take FD-2500 as an example.
II, Is it a right choice to invest on freeze drying business?
A good project is half the success. There is an old saying goes: First Come First Served. This is a good beginning that you found this business opportunity, whereas, 99% investors have never heard about it.
Here just talk about the incomparable advantage of freeze drying. The heat-sensitive material and materials with biological activity must be dried by freeze drying equipment, otherwise, they are lost. The readily oxidizable substance like apple is easily getting dark after exposed in air. As the working principle of freeze drying is sublimation in vacuum and low temperature. It remains the nutrition maximum. The shape of output is the same as input; the volume has no change sponge like. The color is most the same as original, and flavor is greatly reserved. The shelf time could be over 20 years, if it is with perfect packing without any additives, preservatives or pigment. The range of application is wide. All kinds of food materials and plants including fruits, vegetables, meals, meats, aquatic product, coffee, flowers, extractive, protein, herbals and every conceivable kinds.
III, SWOT Analysis

IV, Production and sales volume
The FD-2500 can work 30 day per month, 360 days a year. 30 minutes for maintenance in every three months. The fresh material production capacity is 2500kg per day, suppose the output from input is 20%. There will be 500kg dried products per day, and 180,000kg per year. The average whole sale unit price of freeze-dried products is about USD40/kg. But you need to pack them into small bags like 20g, 30g, 40g, or 50g per bag. Such package is not small, because the volume of freeze-dried product has no change, only lose its weight. If it is 20g per bag, it is USD1.6/bag.

Sales volume planning
Product Unit price Quantity Sub amount
Freeze dried product USD40/kg 180000kg USD7,200,000
V, Total cost
The total cost is complicated to calculate, but the main cost is as follows.

Cost planning
Item Depreciation rate (Year) Investment in 1st year Investment Initially Annually
Factory (500m2) rent 1 20000 20000 20000
Factory decoration 10 10000 10000 1000
Office supplies 5 2000 2000 400
Personnel (5 people) 1 50000 10000 50000
Clean machine 10 4000 4000 400
Cutting machine 10 3000 3000 300
Freeze dryer FD-2500 10 700000 700000 70000
Auto Packing Machine 10 40000 40000 4000
Tax 0 120000 120000 0
Installation cost 0 5000 5000 0
Maintenance cost 1 200 0 200
Registration charge 0 100 100 0
Public utility charges 1 100 100 100
Marketing costs 1 15000 5000 15000
Insurance expenses 1 300 300 300
Raw material purchase 1 900000 75000 900000
Energy cost (power) 1 180000 15000 180000
Energy cost (water) 1 1500 150 1500
Consumables (bags) 1 75000 7500 75000
Other cost 1 5000 0 5000
Total 2,131,200 1,017,150 1,323,200
The correct calculation shall be monthly with chart of cash flow, to have a better understanding to new investors; the chart is made in annually.

VI, Profit forecast
The forecast profit before tax is as follows:
Item (USD) Value (1 batch in a day)
Sales annually 7,200,000
Cost annually 1,323,200
Profit 5,876,800
VII, Conclusion
If there is one batch production in a day, the total invested money will be return within 4.5 months. The risk to invest on freeze drying business is little. You need to have a good sales team.
The rate of return is high. And the time of money return is very short. It is a good opportunity to invest on freeze drying business. And it’s very hot to invest on food freeze drying!
Product freeze-drying time means the time of sublimation. It affected by many factors:

1, The ability of freeze-drying equipment itself.
2, The loading quantity: more loading, longer time; less loading, shorter time.
3, Water content in raw product: more water, longer time; less water, shorter time.  
4, Heating temperature: lower temperature, longer time; higher temperature, shorter time.
5, The product itself: The ability of a product cell molecule to hold water determines its rate of escape.
6, Pre-treatment before freeze-drying: no peeling, bigger size, longer time; peeled and crushed, smaller size, shorter time.
7, Other factors.

Item Loading Ability (Ice) Freeze-drying time
HL-series 10kg/m2 24h/10kg/m2 24-48 hours
FD-series 10kg/m2 18h/10kg/m2 12-22 hours
EL-series 10kg/m2 20h/10kg/m2 14-24 hours
PL-series 10L/m2 20h/10kg/m2 24-72 hours
Example: FD-2500, other series or models, consult us:
Products Water content Solid content Shape
Batch time Power (I) consumption Power (II) consumption
Meats 58% 42% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 17.0h 2.08kwh/kg 1.43kwh/kg
Fish 80% 20% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 18.0h 2.20kwh/kg 1.52kwh/kg
Milk 87% 13% n/a n/a 10kg/m2 16.0h 1.96kwh/kg 1.35kwh/kg
Avocado 73% 27% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 18.0h 2.20kwh/kg 1.52kwh/kg
Sakya 86% 14% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 18.0h 2.20kwh/kg 1.52kwh/kg
Pitaya 87% 13% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 18.0h 2.20kwh/kg 1.52kwh/kg
Jackfruit 73% 27% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 18.0h 2.20kwh/kg 1.52kwh/kg
Rambutan 82% 18% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 18.0h 2.20kwh/kg 1.52kwh/kg
Mangosteen 81% 19% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 18.0h 2.20kwh/kg 1.52kwh/kg
Passion fruit 73% 27% n/a n/a 10kg/m2 16.0h 1.96kwh/kg 1.35kwh/kg
Mango 83% 17% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 18.0h 2.20kwh/kg 1.52kwh/kg
Pineapple 86% 14% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 20.5h 2.51kwh/kg 1.73kwh/kg
Kiwi fruit 84% 16% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 18.0h 2.20kwh/kg 1.52kwh/kg
Watermelon 92% 8% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 20.0h 2.44kwh/kg 1.68kwh/kg
Banana 75% 25% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 16.0h 1.96kwh/kg 1.35kwh/kg
Papaya 89% 11% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 19.5h 2.38kwh/kg 1.64kwh/kg
Coconut m. 68% 32% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 20.0h 2.51kwh/kg 1.68kwh/kg
Coconut w. 95% 5% n/a n/a 10kg/m2 16.0h 1.96kwh/kg 1.35kwh/kg
Durian 65% 35% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 16.0h 1.96kwh/kg 1.35kwh/kg
Strawberry 91% 9% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 18.0h 2.20kwh/kg 1.73kwh/kg
Blueberry 87% 13% n/a <10mm 10kg/m2 18.0h 2.20kwh/kg 1.89kwh/kg
Raspberry 85% 15% n/a <10mm 10kg/m2 18.0h 2.20kwh/kg 1.77kwh/kg
Apple 84% 16% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 20.5h 2.51kwh/kg 1.73kwh/kg
Lemon 88% 12% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 18.0h 2.20kwh/kg 1.52kwh/kg
Apricot 86% 14% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 19.0h 2.32kwh/kg 1.60kwh/kg
Maqui 86% 14% n/a <10mm 10kg/m2 20.5h 2.51kwh/kg 1.73kwh/kg
Herbal 78% 22% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 18.0h 2.20kwh/kg 1.52kwh/kg
Rose 85% 15% n/a n/a 10kg/m2 16.0h 1.96kwh/kg 1.35kwh/kg
Tomato 94% 6% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 19.0h 2.32kwh/kg 1.60kwh/kg
Spinach 91% 9% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 16.0h 1.96kwh/kg 1.35kwh/kg
Sweet corn 76% 24% n/a n/a 10kg/m2 17.0h 2.08kwh/kg 1.43kwh/kg
Carrot 88% 12% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 17.0h 2.08kwh/kg 1.43kwh/kg
Mushroom 92% 8% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 16.0h 1.96kwh/kg 1.35kwh/kg
Aloe vera 99% 1% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 16.0h 1.96kwh/kg 1.35kwh/kg
Potato 75% 25% sliced <10mm 10kg/m2 18.0h 2.20kwh/kg 1.52kwh/kg
Meals 71% 29% n/a n/a 10kg/m2 14.0h 1.71kwh/kg 1.18kwh/kg
Noodle 73% 27% n/a n/a 10kg/m2 14.0h 1.71kwh/kg 1.18kwh/kg
Most of the HL series use single-phase power supply. Due to the limited power of domestic single-phase power supply,
single-phase is not suitable for medium and large freeze-drying equipment.

Single-phase power supplies are: 220V, 50/60Hz (200-240V) and 115V, 60Hz (110-120V)
FD, EL, PL series adopt three-phase power supply. From 200V-480V, 50/60Hz, there are different options. We can provide what you need.

We have 7 technical support centers in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania and China.

Our freeze dryers have been supplied to more than 60 countries including China, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Romania, Russia, Estonia, Serbia, Latvia, Croatia, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, India, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikstan, Mongolia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Tonga, Mexico, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Angola, Malawi, Peru, Guatemala, Argentina, Paraguay, Tobago etc.

We can supply you wherever you are, even you do not have any experience on import and export.

HL-series: packed by carton or pallet, delivered by sea or air with the terms of EXW, or FOB, CNF, CIF, DAF as option.
FD, EL, PL series: packed by fumigation wooden box and chamber by soft material protected, delivered by sea with the terms of EXW, FOB, CNF, CIF, DAF as option.

Delivery time:
Series Manufacturing time Shipping time
In stock No stock Near China Far from China
HL-Series 5 working days 15-65 working days 10-25 days 25-45 days
FD-Series 5 working days 25-85 working days 10-25 days 25-45 days
EL-Series 5 working days 65-85 working days 10-25 days 25-45 days
PL-Series 5 working days 75-95 working days 10-25 days 25-45 days
We have five stages quality control job to do by different departments to ensure good quality of our freeze-drying equipment.
1, Select suppliers according to company standards, and full-time quality control personnel check incoming raw materials and accessories.
2, QC personnel check the welding quality and pressure test of shelves, vapor condenser, and chamber.
3, QC personnel check pressure test of refrigeration, heating, vacuum systems.
4, The commissioning personnel do the FAT test. QC verify record it.
5, The sales personnel check whether the equipment is consistent with the contract requirements one by one.
Certificates: We have ISO9001, CE, ASME, EAC, FDA. Other certificates can be applied with an extra cost.

FD-series: The warranty period of the whole machine is 24 months.
HL, EL, PL series: The warranty period of the whole machine is 12 months.
A box of spare parts is sent to users free of charge for backup for large freeze dryers.
According to international transportation requirements, the transportation of mechanical equipment
does not contain batteries, hazardous chemicals, oil, refrigerants, or any other liquids.
During the warranty period, KEMOLO is responsible for the quality problem or defects caused by machine manufacturing process
or material defects, under normal use and correct maintenance.
Users may also be liable for replacement parts resulting from users’ misuse and negligence of the product. Users are also responsible for:
1. Proper installation, wiring and connecting pipes as related regulations.
2. Correctly use and maintain the equipment according to the user manual. Before starting the freeze dryer, make sure that there is no water in the chamber.
Before starting the vacuum pump (except oil-free vacuum pump), make sure that the vacuum pump has a sufficient amount of clean vacuum pump oil (no water or vapor mixed).
3. The equipment must be operated in a clean area with adequate air circulation and a temperature 1°C-35°C.
If water cooling is used, the cooling water must be clean, and the water temperature should be between 15°C - 30°C.
4. If the equipment operates in high altitude areas, high altitude configurations should be used.
5. User is responsible for damage to the equipment during transportation (EXW, FOB terms), storage or installation.
6. Make sure that the freeze-dried product is completely dry before packaging.
7. Make sure to use a suitable bag. Once the bag is sealed, water or air is not allowed to enter.
8. For products with enzymes, the enzymes should be inactivated before lyophilization.
9. KEMOLO is not responsible for the quality and packaging of freeze-dried products.
10. The user is responsible for personal injury, or economic loss, regardless of the cause.

KEMOLO has full-time after-sales service managers and many after-sales service personnel.
We have a set of normative documents, that is, after-sales service standards and supervision.
1, Working hours, service personnel.
2, Judgment of the problem and submit it to the relevant personnel.
3. Ask for photos, videos and descriptions related to the problem.
4. Answers via WhatsApp, Wechat or email.
5. Give a solution.
6. The parts will be free, if it has quality problem and needs to be replaced in warranty period.
7. If the parts need to be replaced, the cost will be charged if the warranty period is exceeded.
8. If the problem could not be solved online, a technician can be arranged to user’s site for assistance.
All after sales questions are from the first few months after installation, due to the users are not familiar
with the equipment or misuse. After that time, the machine will be running more stable.
9. Report problems to technical department and production department to improve quality.
10. Report problems to the sales department to monitor and improve user satisfaction.
Confidentiality is based on both parties. KEMOLO provides users with confidential files for their own use only.

Without written authorization, KEMOLO’s documents including but not limited to quotation, technical specification, freeze-drying time and energy consumption, energy saving kits, power saving option, investment analysis, user's instruction manual, layout drawing, piping drawing, circuit diagram drawing, principle diagram drawing, 3D drawing, product pictures, and videos are prohibited to send to anybody else or any third parties.

Freeze-drying is a new technology, as requested, to maintain advantage in competition, the user’s information including but not limited to company name, address, factory layout, freeze-drying equipment capacity, freeze-dried products, sales volume, sales price, production recipe, advantages, creative products or related information is highly confidential. Without written authorization, they are prohibited to send to anybody else or any third parties. 
We are looking to recruit partners worldwide. It will be a non-exclusive distribution. Our partners will sell KEMOLO freeze dryers in their local market and provide more localized after-sales service, spare parts storage, and provide users with fast and convenient parts supply and after-sales support.

Partners need to be 100% familiar with KEMOLO freeze dryers, receive training at the KEMOLO factory, and be issued relevant qualification certificates after passing the assessment. Partners need to have a warehouse, not only to store new machines, but also to store accessories, know how to repair and maintain, and know how to develop freeze-dried products and market expansion, so as to help our customers expand their business.

KEMOLO is committed to one thing only: making good freeze-drying equipment and serve users well. No other product, no other business, we are focusing, caring, specializing and professional in freeze-drying only. We are helping our customers to grow and we are expanding. Each detail has been taken into consideration in the early years, and gained the verification and acknowledgement from the market. Our users did not hesitate to give us good reviews.
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